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Alyssa Ferguson

event planner, wedding planner

Alyssa Ferguson
Canton, GA

Professional and elegant...Beginning to End

I'm Alyssa Ferguson. I'm an Event and Wedding planner. I have loved everything about planning events my whole life. I always planned my birthday party months in advance. I have watched numerous wedding movies and shows and that pushed me into this career. Growing up I was never the little girl who planned her wedding from top to bottom. I wanted to plan more than in reality, I plan many weddings for me, or plan weddings for other beautiful couples. I believe this is the most special day for the bride and groom, the parents, and friends and family. I want to make this a day not only you remember forever but a day no one else will ever forget.

I found QC Career School the perfect form of education for me. I was fresh out of high school, working full time to save up money for a car, a place of my own, and all the shopping I love to do! This schooling was the perfect option for me because it let me take my time, which I didn't have very much of. After working a long day I didn't want to be thrown homework and have due dates. I also believe I learn more when taking my time and reading things through. I'm so proud of how far I've come and excited for the future in this wonderful career.


The types of Events I plan are birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, family reunions, graduations, house warming parties, holiday parties, and weddings. They are all pretty different so depending on the event, things are done different ways. Wedding's are obviously very extravagant events even if it's low key backyard BBQ. Birthday parties are pretty easy considering they almost all have a theme and when you have a theme, events are pretty straight forward. All the other events I offer are close in range enough where almost everything applies. I would love to answer any comments or questions you have, so please feel free to contact me day or night.