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Weddings By Emily Lauren

Emily Short

wedding planner

Emily Short

Louisville, KY

I plan Weddings! I make one of the best days of your life memorable and make sure everything runs smoothly. I take on 99% of the responsibility and worry so the couples can enjoy this time in their lives.

How I Got Started?
I was a Junior in high school and the only career I'd thought about was the military, and owning a bakery after retiring. After a meeting with a recruiter I was told I'd never be able to enlist because I can't pass a hearing test. I was devastated, until my niece's first birthday party came up and her mom asked me to help plan it. I fell in love with planning parties! I have always planned my dream wedding, so after going through everything I'd considered an option,I realized I could help people plan weddings for the rest of my life! Nothing has ever made me so happy! Ever since all I do is think about weddings and all the different themes and venues.


Wedding Planning