Marcia Coppin

event planner , wedding planner

Marcia Coppin
Olympia, WA

Personalized events for every occasion to reflect YOU

I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 8 residing in the beautiful northwest.

With an empty nest and time to be creative I have started my own business of helping individuals, couples, families and organizations enjoy signature events to remember.

I have been planning, organizing and decorating for 20 years. I studied Commercial Art at Brigham Young University and have gathered decorating and event experience around the country as well as England as we moved with the US Air Force.

Reunions, fundraisers, weddings and private parties appear on my DONE THAT list.

When our oldest daughter got married I caught the wedding bug, planning and executing the loveliest event that was all her. Dark red roses, beta fish in large glass vases on round tables with white cloths and black runners and a large white tent in the back garden.

Within the next 14 months we had two more weddings in the family. Our son and his bride wanted a 70s theme complete with disco ball, lava lamps, fondue and guests dressed in disco attire.

Anna's was more elegant, held in the clubhouse with sage greens, candle light and photos of them in silver frames at every turn.

It became obvious to me that each bride deserves a day that bears her signature.

Every birthday, anniversary, reunion or retreat can have a theme singularly yours... and I can help you achieve it.


An initial meeting together can help us define your event and your budget.
Based on the ideas you have in mind I can offer ideas and take as much of the planning and executing that you might need.
I can suggest vendus, vendors, DJs and florist in our area.
You can choose from items already in my inventory or I can help create everything for your event singularly for you.