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Rhona Crouthamel

personal stylist

Rhona Crouthamel
Sellersville, PA

Let Your Inner Beauty Emerge

We all have the gift of beauty inside of us. We all deserve to wake up each day and find joy in what we see. At Chrysalis Styling this is your day - this is your time - let your your inner beauty EMERGE!

Hello! My name is Ronnie Crouthamel and I am Chrysalis Styling. I was born with a love of fashion. It was joked that when I was born my first thought was probably critiquing the doctors' scrubs! But, as a woman who worked and raised five children, I also know that the realities of life can make it easy for us to put ourselves and our own beauty on the back burner. At Chrysalis Styling it is my goal to make beauty accessible to everyone regardless of age, size or financial considerations.

In between raising my five children, I have worked in graphic design, so I know the importance of that creative eye for detail. I have worked in fashion retail, both in sales and designing displays. I have been that go-to friend for fashion questions and advice to many over the years and styled and shopped for multiple friends and acquaintances. I have, also, previously taken style courses from stylist, Janeane Pittman. Presently, I run a lifestyle/fashion blog and post regularly “Outfits of the Day” on Instagram. Now that my kids are grown, I am finally realizing my dream of receiving my style certification from QC Style Academy. It would be my honor and privilege to work with you.


Closet Edit & Organization – A thorough trip through your closet – what to keep, what to get rid of, what needs to be altered, what pieces are missing to make your wardrobe more complete; usable, disposed of clothing will be donated to charity at no additional charge. While there, I will organize your closet in a manner that will make it easier for you to find the appropriate items and outfits and put them together with ease. - $35/hr.

Shopping Your Closet – I'll go through your existing wardrobe and put together looks for you in new and interesting ways. I'll show you how to make them look more modern with creative combinations and simple additions such as jewelry or scarves. - $35/hr.
Additionally, I can create for you a digital or hard bound, whichever you prefer, "Look Book" of all the outfits we create for easy future reference. - $35

Personal Shopping – Referencing your Closet Edit, I'll shop for you, either alone, or together, to make your wardrobe represent you in the best possible way. I'll make use of any special discounts available and if I shopped alone and there are any items that don't fit properly or you don't love, I'll return them at no expense to you. - $35/hr.

Style Session – Following up a Personal Shopping trip, I'll help you create a clear plan for how to create fresh and exciting looks with your new clothes and accessories and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe. - $35/hr.
Additionally, I can create for you a digital or hard bound, whichever you prefer, "Look Book" of all the outfits we create for easy future reference. - $35

"ReNew" Shopping & Styling – For the more budget conscious and/or “green” conscious, those not wishing to contribute to “fast fashion”, or if you just love to “thrift”, I offer Thrift Shopping and Styling. You will receive the same attention and service as the Personal Shopping, but we will do all our styling and shopping from local thrift stores. Please note that this may require going to more stores and these items will not be returnable, so having accurate measurements, especially if you choose not to accompany me, is very important. - $35/hr.

Interview Styling – Look your absolute best for that big interview! Know what styles and colors will make the greatest impact on a potential employer. Let me help you present yourself in a way that is both poised and professional. - $65/2hrs.

Chrysalis Introductory Parties – Don't think you need a stylist?! Give yourself, and your friends, a glimpse at the world of styling. With just a half hour of your time, I will demonstrate to you and your friends a few of the secrets of styling – how accessories can change the look of a whole outfit, how body shape affects the way our clothing fits... The hostess will receive a small gift from me and anyone who books any type of session with me that evening will receive a 10% discount on that service.

**Returning clients will receive a 5% discount on all services.