Testimonials for Annalee Gonzales

I would recommend Annalee to anyone who's thinking of celebrating a special occasion. I've been to most if not all the events she's planned and can most definitely say that she's one of the most creative, responsible, energetic Event Planners I've ever worked with. She will help you put your ideas to life and at the same time share her own ideas to make the celebration even more special and memorable. She's very organized and also good at keeping time, making sure that everything is on schedule and at the same time, fun! Overall, 5 stars for Annalee!

Lily Espinosa

"Atmosphere that does not emanate overly obvious tones make a party go from average to unique. Ella Gonzales's Retirement Party, which was coordinated and planned out by Annalee Gonzales, was a well done example of that. Hosted at the China Gardens in Arlington, VA, this party was nothing short of a well done done celebration. The motif of navy blue and silver gave set the tone of elegance and dignity that honored one's entire life of hard work and accomplishments."

Ryan John Estorninos

"Every year dreams come true, when weddings are celebrated. These celebrations are always preceded with Bridal Showers that tend to be carbon copies of one another, and seemingly fall in the pack with the rest. Not Agnes Espinosa's, coordinated and planned out by Annalee Gonzales. This particular shower had the look of a Bridal Shower, but the feel was something much more. Decked out with many stations where women could give well wishes and take pictures with the bride, as well as a recipe stations where family specialties are shared, made this almost a bridal shower expo. The Lilac and light grey color scheme was easy on the eyes and set a relaxing and enjoyable tone. The backyard boasted a tented eating area where guests could congregate and enjoy a well prepared meal."

Ryan John Estorninos

Annalee 's event planning skills are remarkable. She is very organized and has very creative ideas. Her guests are always engaged in the fun activities that she plans and would always commend her in the great work that she does. No one ever leaves her event without a smile on their face.

Agnes Espinosa