Nieco Era Brands (Fashion Awareness-xo)

Taje Singh

editorial stylist, personal stylist

Taje Singh
Toronto, ON

Changing the way you look at fashion

Hi there,

My name is Taje Sunico and I'm an up and coming Fashion Designer/Fashion Stylist.

I'm the Founder/Owner of the clothing line Nieco Era Brands Corporation.

Fashion Awareness-xo is my Personal Styling Service solely owned and operated by me.

I am dedicated to helping each of my clients recognize their full style potential. This means tapping into your true self and loving what is already within - because the clothing we choose to wear represents the very essence of who we are.

I'm here to promote Fashion Awareness.

I what to change the way we look at Fashion. It's not just about wearing the latest trends or most popular designs. It's about being true to who we are and being conscious about our decisions to wear one article of clothing over another. It's about reminding yourself of the inner tool that is you, which is the greatest compass to becoming fashionably aware.

Through my love of clothing and my desire to produce designs that are truly self-representing, I have created the luxury fashion label, Nieco Era Brands (N.E.B.).

Nieco Era Brands is looking to launch its online store in late Fall/Winter of 2020. If you would like to see the projects I'm currently working on, please check out my website:


I currently offer the following services:

1. Skype Wardrobe Audits (Male/Female)

Monday to Fridays are busy and Saturday and Sundays are definitely no better, soooooo I have a solution! I'm going to making this fun, easy and convenient for the both of us! We will be going thorough your closet together via video conference! I'm so excited to offer this feature to my clients! In our busy world today, we need convenience, so here I am, at your service!

With the wardrobe audit, you will get me for 1.5 hours. Within that time, we will go through your entire closet, and purge items that no longer serve this awesome version of you! I'll show you how to pair what's left in your closet after the purge and how you can make them work for you. If you're on a budget or if you just don't have the time to shop, this service is definitely for you - I know you have amazing pieces in your closet - lets bring them to the surface!
- xo -

2. Personal Shopping (Male/Female)

I love shopping and putting pieces together. Here's where I get an opportunity to sit with you and find out where you like to shop, how you like your clothes to fit and your go to colour pallets. I want to make you aware of what you already have in your closet and show you how you can make it work for you. I also what to know what makes you happy :D If we know what drives us from the inside we are better equipped to project it on the outside! I promise you, this will be the best shopping experience you will ever have! Whether or not you like going to the mall, a day with me will make you think very differently. I want you to show me your favourite places to shop - I love comparing notes! Lets see how well we fair together with your picks verses mine! We're going to have a blast trying on different pieces and heading from store to store!

Looking forward to shopping with you! - xo


I absolutely recommend the Stylist course offered by QC Style Academy. The program is excellent for entrepreneurs and people who are on the go but looking to elevate their style knowledge. the teachers are experts and give great critiques - always showing how we can further enhance ourselves. - Thank you QC Style Academy! As a graduate of the Fashion Stylist course, i instantly feel that much more qualified as a Stylist! - TS

Taje Sunico, Graduate 2019