Nadene Lomu

Nadene Lomu

makeup artist

Be Your Beautiful Self with Nadene Lomu

I started my collection after losing my beloved husband, best friend and soulmate Jonah Lomu. After running our global family brand as a team I really struggled to be without him by my side every minute of the day. Experiencing the grief and responsibility that came with being his wife and mother of our two boys at times became a weight almost impossible to bear. I realised I needed to find a way to bring myself back to life, to become again the Nadene Jonah had always known me as.

Pondering on my passions happier days I then knew what I needed to do. Creating #NadeneLomuCosmetics would be my way of expressing the creativity I had shared with Jonah that we had both loved so much. I spent the night drawing, finally coming up with the logo design I knew was perfect for my future, depicting my soulmate, the man who captured her heart. That was the start of me reinventing my life, as an example to their two sons Brayley and Dhyreille. Elegance, simplicity, values and ethics are what they stood for as a family, and these endure at the heart of #NadeneLomuCosmetics.

"I wanted to bring quality products to ladies and gents of all ages and ethnicities without them having to pay high end price tags. I think every girl, lady or mama deserves to be complimented, and this was my way of helping them all to feel brighter on a dull day. I've had many lovely comments since creating #NadeneLomuCosmetics, on my lips and nails, so I know what it's like receiving compliments from friends and strangers. It's nice. My husband always complimented me, there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't. I have so many ladies message me with excitement telling me they get compliments they have never had before and how much they love their products. It's always really nice to hear that, so I guess you could say my passion is bringing smiles and confidence to others too, and I love that."

Then there's the mums, they're just so busy making everyone else in their family happy, and the everyday running of a family that they often forget about themselves. With #NadeneLomuCosmetics, it helps make us all feel special.

It was also imperitive to me that no product of #NadeneLomuCosmetics be involved with animal cruelty of any kind. We have always been a family that love animals, so you can rest assured that #NadeneLomuCosmetics is truly "Cruelty Free Vegan Cosmetics With Ethics".

By enhancing my creativity and learning the skill of becoming a Qualified Makeup Artist I knew it would be the perfect way for me to help many feel empowered and beautiful keeping in line with what we believe at #NadeneLomuCosmetics.

So even if you are wanting a consult on what lip colours suit you, how to apply your basic makeup or just do your brows, I'd love to hear from you. I'm super excited and here to help all you makeup lovers out there take the leap to be bold, find your new favourite lippy and get your glam on!


Bridal Makeup, School Balls, Red Carpet and Special Events
Special #NadeneLomuCosmetics packages are available to all our clients.