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Bella Donna Mua

Amanda Villalobos

makeup artist

Amanda Villalobos

Santa Clarita, CA

Planned to Perfection

To me makeup is more than a passion it is a life style. From creating ghouls to glamming someone up for their wedding day, each moment is special and memorable. I chose the name Bella Donna because it emphasizes beauty and poison, evil. When I think of the Bella Donna Flower it reminds me of inner beauty that has the ghoulish side to it. That’s what I would like to bring to the table, edgy, sassy, and spice.

I started to get into makeup when I was 15 years old. I didn’t start doing makeup on other people until I was 18 years old. From the first time I did a makeup application on someone I knew that this was something I wanted to do as a career. I started to work at home town haunts as a makeup assistant and a character ghoul. After working at our home town haunt for a few years, I started to work at six flags magic mountain as a character ghoul and that is where I met a ton of talented makeup artist who gave me tips and tricks that I can take with me anywhere. I got to work with a talented makeup artist, Michael Spatola, who taught me so much on how to apply a prosthetic and blend it in properly to the skin. The more and more I practiced, the more knowledge I wanted to learn. That’s what bring me here to Qc Academy today.


- Theatrical makeup
- Bridal makeup
- Special effects
- Formal glam makeup
- Simple everyday makeup