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Tiffany Horn

home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Tiffany Horn

mandeville, LA

Create the Things You Wish Existed

Hello, I'm Tiffany, a certified Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP®). As an individual, I love to organize and bring designs to life. I am always smiling and laughing and enjoying what i love to do. I take any business projects in the same way. I understand the comfort and ease that a fulfilled project can help someone once completed. I am here to Create the Things You Wish Existed! My passion is organizing and designing! Just being able to help someone be less stressed because everything has a place from getting organized... to help creating a home they never dreamed of come to life is on of the happiest things i can do with my life.

Ever since i was a little girl i have always had a passion for being organized and designing. My childhood consisted of me always rearranging my furniture and trying new things. I always would find new ways to organize what i already had organized. Finding new ways helps refresh the room. Best part of a fresh start is getting rid of the old and getting something new. My goal is to help in anyway needed to get you organized or have your designs and dreams come to life. To make this happen can result in giving things away to charities, donation services etc makes you feel happier knowing it will now be with someone who needs it. Even when you get something new can inspire you to keep it looking new. For when i got my first car i always took anything i brought in my car out. I even hand clean it on weekends, i vacuum and wipe down my whole interior! Keeping my car clean makes me very happy knowing when i get in with guest i will not have to move anything. Also getting my first design project of my own bathroom in my home makes me want to have everything perfect! Every time i enter my bathroom i smile with joy knowing i chose each element to create such an amazing bathroom come to life. Now it is a passion of mine to help others keep there homes organized and even bringing there designs to life for new homes even if we are just creating a new look.


Horn's Creative Designs has many services we can provide for you. From organizing houses to even designing your home dreams. Organizing Services i provide include: organizing and decluttering any room in your home. Also provided is help to organizing your home offices or owners businesses with files, schedules, etc. Even when you are trying to move and are struggling give me a call i will help organize your boxes to make the move a breeze. My services are not just to help organize and declutter, i have a passion for interior design. These services consist of a consultation of your plans for the design and me taking your dreams and going home to make them come true. Finding furniture and paint colors fabrics anything you can think of i put together with your dreams of what will go great together. Also love going to a local stores to help you choose cabinets, backsplash, light fixtures, etc. Going with you can also be to help design a house in process of being built. Anything you need i will be there to help. Looking for house details can be overwhelming so having a designer choose ideas for you can be less stressful. Nothing is set either once designs are picked. We set another meeting to discuss the options which you like do not like etc and go from there until we make your dreams become a reality!!