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Rosey Souza

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Rosey Souza

Today’s event, tomorrow’s memory

I am a dedicated, passionate and motivated event designer who has graduated from St. Xavier’s School and has received an international event decor certificate from the QC Event School.

Rosey Colaco is a noted event designer in the Riyadh region - known for her creativity and exceptional designs whilst always keeping the event requirements in mind. Rosey has worked continuously over 12 years in different schools in Riyadh, Riyadh Multinational School and American International School to name a few. Rosey began her career as an event designer because a friend had petitioned her to design a birthday party. Her brilliant designs and talent were widely recognized and were spreading through her circle of friends, through this her projects grew to the vast public of Riyadh. She thrives when working in a fast-paced atmosphere, is organized, highly motivated, and detail oriented. She has also proven ability to efficiently multitask on special events and accurately implement last minute changes, as needed by the client. Today, she is a well-known event designer for a variety of events in a somewhat diverse community.


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