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Maxine Romano

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Maxine Romano
Hamilton Square, NJ
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My name is Maxine Romano from the New Jersey & Pennsylvania area, I plan all different kinds of events from wedding's, corporate meeting's, birthday's, anniversary's, any kind of event you want, I will go above and beyond to make all of your dreams come true on you and yours very special day. I also am a event decorator so I can make things really over the top, or if your more into something subtle I can do it all and everything in between. I like to build special relationships between me and my clients and I don't stop working until I get the job done. I love taking things and making them beautiful and I want your special day to be perfect in every single way and then some and a day that you will never forget!!

I attended Bucks County Technical High School from August 2006 and graduated in June of 2010. I took up Professional Baking there. I would always be working with customers, we would always be making cookie trays at Christmas time for the entire school or for different events and Event Planning has always been something that I have been interested in. I have always been the one everyone counts on to get the entire family together for our annual christmas parties or to get everyone together for a little get together with all of our friends. I have always been good at it and just bringing everyone together for such a special occasion and for such a special day it has always been something I have just always been interested in. My love for planning events started in High School just by getting me and my friends to come together for our little get togethers, to planning family annual christmas parties and it grew from there. I love to plan, organize, and just take something and make something very special & beautiful out of it. In 2003 my Nana Ronnie (my moms mom) got diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease I originally wanted to attend Bucks County Technical High School for nursing because at the time my Nana Ronnie was suffering with this awful disease and at the time I wanted to work with Alzheimer's patients but going through it all was very hard. I have always wanted to do something and be able to work with the Alzheimer's Association and I started attending QC School of Event & Wedding Planning on April 24th, 2017 and it is my dream one day to be able to work with the Alzheimer's Association one day still and I would love to do events for them, for a good cause and also to find a cure one day for this horrible and awful disease. I hope one day we can be able to turn on the news and see that we are now living in a world that is Alzheimer's free. Memories are so precious. That's why I love to create memories and make this very special that last a lifetime. I want nothing more then for you to be able to think back and reminisce about your special day for years and years to come and for you to smile each time you think back to your special day. I want to be able to create memories for you that last a lifetime!!


Event Decorating, Event Wedding, & Event Planning services.
I like people to give me details about how they want there special day to be, and I love to take that information they provide to me and I like to create it into a very special day that they will remember for the rest of there lives!! It makes me happy to see others happy. I love to sit down with people and talk things over and I love when they leave it all up to me to make there very special. I also am a perfectionist and I love to decorate and just take something and transform it. It allows me to use my creativity and being creative has always been something I've been great at & it it is one of my most special talents and allows me to express my creativity! Contact me and we can go over all details and prices, all prices are different depending on what kind of event you are planning and what kind of decorating you would like and so on.