Hilary Kiernan

wedding planner

Hilary Kiernan
Three Oaks, MI

Oak Leaf Wedding Planning - Making Your Wedding Plans as Relaxing as a Walk in the Woods

My name is Hilary Kiernan, I am a wedding consultant and reside in Southwestern Michigan. My approach to design in my profession is to use the nature and the surprise of the hidden Harbor Country.

I received my education through the Quality of Course International Wedding Planning Professionals program.

I have lived in South West Michigan my entire life and know the area and can provide clients with nature's backdrop, a creative view and a timeless outlook. Incorporating all that Harbor Country has to offer.
I have had direct contact with different businesses in the area and know how to use this areas assets to the Clients advantage.

My experience is comprised of attending, being a part and even planning several weddings, even with minimal knowledge of the field.


The services I offer are Budgeting.
Setting a budget and making sure it's adhered to.
Connecting clients to vendors; offering their cards or introducing them personally.
Scheduling. Making sure that the schedule for the event is current and every appointment is made and kept.
Coordinating the colors, ambience, and flow coincide with exactly what the clients ask for.
Offer ideas if the clients can't think of a theme, using their hobbies, favorite movies, or vacation that inspired them.