QC Career School

Amanda Rampersaud

interior decorator

Creating beauty in your home, catered uniquely to you!

I thrive on creativity and making things look amazing, whether it's baking a cake for an event, applying makeup on a model for a fashion show, or transforming personal spaces into a visual masterpiece that is both beautiful and uniquely suited to my client.
I grew up as a very creatively talented individual and it is still carrying on strong throughout my adulthood.
I believe that any space has potential to become whatever you want it to be. I can visualize a space, as well as feel the energy and execute those into creating the perfect mood and atmosphere. Many people think you have to do major changes and renovations to a space in order to create the desired ambiance, but that isn't necessarily true. Let me work one on one with you and your budget to turn your space into an area that makes you happy!

I grew up with many artistic talents ; reading, writing, writing songs and plays, painting and drawings (mostly of portraits). I also have a musical background where I have played the piano, trombone and the saxophone.
Enrolling in the QC Design School's Interior Decorating program has been an amazing experience of learning new skills and sharpening my pre-existing ones. Upon completion I will be proud to say I am a graduate of an internationally recognized school. I cannot wait to put my talents and new learned skills into practice for you, my client!


As a new student of Interior Decorating and Design I am currently offering the following services. Please email me for further inquiries and cost.

-Color paint consultations

-Full room design consultations (includes plans for wall coverings, window treatments, textiles/upholstery, lighting, decor, flooring and furniture)

-Home staging