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Donna Manton

makeup artist

Donna Manton

Atlantic Beach, FL

I'm Donna my passions are Photography and Makeup so I've decided to combine the two so I didn't have to choose between them. I mean really how could a girl pick between two passions!

I fell in love with photography almost 20 years ago and I'm very successful at it. I was hired to do a wedding when I got there, there wasn't anyone to do the brides hair or makeup! That's when I dove in and did her hair and makeup while I took photos in between it was crazy and so much fun! So here I am learning the proper way to create beautiful makeup for all my clients! And the bonus I can make myself beautiful as I rock those makeup brushes and get the right shot every time!


I offer a full makeup and photography package for Weddings ( MAKEUP IS ONLY FOR THE BRIDE) as I would need to get behind the camera make those Memories to last a Lifetime. All weddings include 2 photographers my husband is my partner and he enjoys photography very much!