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Nicole Synadinos

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Nicole Synadinos

Seattle, WA
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Feng Shui-Inspired Home/Business Decoration & Organization

How can Illumination Decoration enhance your space?

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm an interior stylist who works with you - at your home or business - to design a space suited just for you. I will work with you where you need me most, whether it be layout/flow, organization, color consulting, art/accessory selection and placement; or I can manage your whole interior design project from concept to implementation. I have an eclectic style that incorporates ancient Feng Shui principles with contemporary interior design, using items you already own or finding the right pieces to fit your style.

Whether you're having guests over, or just want to refresh for yourself, Illumination Decoration makes your space more comfortable, stylish, and organized. We create floor plans that maximize space, ease of movement and conversation. We choose paint colors and decor items that work in harmony to create the exciting or serene look and feel you're after. Through home organization, you'll discover time and space you never knew you had. While organizing, we will thoughtfully edit your belongings, let go with gratitude, and find the best home for what remains. In the Retail setting, I will make your business more styled and "shop-able" to guests. Investing in the quality of your environment will make every day better and is a great investment in yourself.

My style sets me apart in that I incorporate aspects of Feng Shui into my designs. Mainly, I believe it is important to examine the flow of energy throughout the area and update the floor plan as necessary to enhance the flow. Also, I practice the Feng Shui principle of adding the appropriate "Elements" - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth - throughout each space to create a sense of balance and harmony. With Illumination Decoration, any area can be transformed into a beautiful, thoughtful, and inviting space.

Let's partner together to spotlight your place today!

Making a home or business feel light, bright, and organized is what truly sparks joy in me! I follow the KonMari Method of home organization developed by Marie Kondo and described in her books "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and "Spark Joy". I have also received my Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP) and Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional (AFDP) certifications from QC International Design School in 2018. I received a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Ohio State University and studied Renaissance Art and retail window display from Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy.

I was raised "Army brat" and have lived in 23 different homes in my life; gaining extensive experience with moving and organizing a house to make it feel like a home. Before starting my business, I worked for many years in retail visual merchandising for local businesses to corporate giants. I later worked as a wedding and event planner, where I designed and installed bespoke furniture arrangements, linens, florals, decor, and drapery for events. Working with brides taught me how to really listen to a client to make them happy; and how to create a comfortable and cohesive space on time and within budget.
Illumination is my passion. Since 2012 I have owned and operated my Etsy store, Illumination Studios, selling soy wax and essential oil candles for the home. ​In my free time, I also enjoy gardening, vegetarian cooking, and spending time with my husband and son in our home outside Seattle, Washington.



In this 1-2 hour consultation, I'll visit your home or business and we'll discuss your wants and needs for the space, and what area(s) you think would most benefit from organization or redecoration. We'll talk through the design together, and I'll take pictures and measurements. A summary of my recommendations will be presented to you a few days later. $50 is due by the end of the consultation.


Let the fun begin! We're going to start working on projects. Projects may include just about anything that makes you feel more comfortable in your home or business; such as re-arranging furniture, de-cluttering, painting, hanging curtains, or shopping for new decor. All along the way I will teach you tips to keeping your space styled and organized for good. We can work on just one closet, one room, or the entire space together. Rate is $50 per hour, with 2-4 hour sessions recommended.


"I appreciate your attention to detail and how easy it is for you to get things into motion...The office room is now more spacious, I feel like it now is a room where I can be a bit more creative."

David G.


"I moved here about 19 months ago and have worked hard to make my home attractive, but certain areas continued to frustrate me. Using Feng Shui principles, Nicole could identify the reasons these areas felt uncomfortable, and in each case made helpful recommendations to solve them. I now have a better understanding of what goes into a well-balanced home, and an action plan to make mine truly livable and inviting. "

Judy R.W.