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Amanda Wilde

wedding planner

Amanda Wilde

Big Spring, TX

Simple Elegant Weddings with Love

My name is Amanda Wilde but most call me Mandy. I am a wedding planner. I haven't been a wedding planner for very long but after i had my first wedding i really became hooked on weddings. My apporach to design is to help people to have beautiful elegant weddings. Even if the wedding isn't exspensive or it is simple. It is easy to have the wedding of your dream with out it costing a whole lot. Which now days with things going up we all have to find deals.

I have been taking classes through QC shool of wedding planning. I have planned 3 weddings so far. Two for me because i was married once but got a divorce and then I was going to get remarried a year ago but was having a lot of family issues so my fiance and I put it off for a while. The last wedding I planned was for my younger brother and sister in law. I have a high school diploma and i have some college. I was going to college to become a second grade school teacher when i found out i was pregnant and thats when i married for the first time.


The services i am offering is to be with you the bride and groom when you need me. If you need me at the showers then i will be there, i will be there the day of the wedding. If you decide to help you save money by making your wedding inviations or etc i will be there every step of the way with help or to show you how or for any questions you might have. I want to make this day special for both the bride and the groom. I believe that it is about the couple so i will try to incorporate both the brides and the grooms ideas into the wedding. I am offering to help with locating venues or anything else you might need help with.