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Stefanie Willis

makeup artist

Stefanie Willis

Corydon, IN

Natural. Beautiful. You

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved makeup and that's when my "experience" began. My mother would always let me play in her makeup while she was getting ready for work. Blush was always my favorite thing to play with and I used it for literally everything; my eye shadow to my lips and everything in between. As I got older, my friends always wanted me to do their makeup for whatever special day they were having. First, it started off with high school functions such as Morp, Homecoming, and Prom. Thats when my passion for makeup started to blossom. Then, later in life I was always being asked to do the makeup for my friends' weddings, nights out, print work, and runway shows which is when I really started to understand my love and passion for the art!

My passion for beauty stems from helping women find their own pure undeniable beauty and self-confidence. That passion overflows with every woman that I work with. All faces are created equal and I give my best to each and every one!!

It's not just the artistic aspect of the job that I love, it's my clients. When I can transform how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful, that is what this career is all about; showing people the beauty that lies within each one of them.

​I love what I do and my dedication, creativity and personality prove it! I cannot wait to work with you!
- Stef


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