Theresa Del Donna

makeup artist

Theresa Del Donna
Bloomfield, NM

Hi, my name is Theresa and I am currently enrolled in QC Makeup Academy. I have been learning more and more about makeup for about over a year now but I have been wearing makeup since I was very young, a little girl, starting out with kids makeup, to drug store and now even some high end products.I love makeup so much, its a very big part of my life and I would love to be able to share my joy with others by bringing out people's beauty and confidence within them. I Part of my courses require me to do makeup on clients so I would love to find people who are willing to let me pratice looks on their face for free. I will also charge for special occasion services depending on the occasion and look you are going for. Feel free to contact me at the number/email listed below for more info.


Personal Pratice: Free (When searching for someone to pratice makeup on for an assignment for my schooling)
Natural Makeup: Light makeup with a really soft eye $25.
Prom Makeup: $35 for a bold look.
Bridal Makeup: $65 Consulation: $20 if you decide to have you makeup done for your wedding the price will go to $45
Brides Maids: $50 for each bridesmaid.
Brown Plucking: I am not licensed for waxing but I can clean them up. Included with any makeup application or $6.00.