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Michele Clauser

makeup artist

Michele Clauser

Selbyville, DE

Enhance your Beauty or release your inner Beast.

I am freelance makeup artist with experience in a wide range of applications. I work in a wide arena of applications doing everything from simple face painting for small parties to horror makeups for a resort area attraction. I enjoy creating creatures and characters from design concept to the actual finished application. I have been designing my own costumes for Halloween for over 30 years and worked with several local theater companies in their stage productions. Currently studying to obtain certification in Special Effects Makeup so that I can improve and extend my range of skills. Active with local theater groups Community Players of Salisbury and Ocean Pines Youth Theater as part of the production team.

I have always loved monsters, myths, fantasy, horror and science fiction in all its forms. With the boom of the internet, YouTube and shows like Faceoff I have been given the chance to learn things I am passionate about ,but my local schools did not offer. I began doing my own costumes and makeups for Halloween over 30 years ago then started helping others with theirs. Over the years it has gone from a dream to a hobby to a passion and now a new career path.
My work schedule varies depending on how many projects I am called upon to pursue and often I find there is little or no down time. I often go from one theatrical production to community events to working with local attractions in the fall through busy holiday season of activities.
Experience is great ,but education is better in helping me learn new methods and keep up with safety issues. No area schools offering such programs I turned to QC Career Schools and QC Makeup Academy Special Effects Program. Since enrolling I have had several clients comment that my skills have grown immensely.


Freelance Makeup services specializing in:
*Theater or Stage Makeups
*Face and Body Painting
*Practical Special effects makeup
*Wig and Hair Design
*Fantasy Cosplay Makeup
*Period makeup and hair styling