Deborah Bryant

event planner

Deborah Bryant
New Bern, NC

She creates her own hustle

My name is Deborah Bryant, I am 27 years old and I have a passion to link business women together to build relationships through events, such as women empowerment events, product launches, business launches, listening parties and much more! I set my self apart by being myself, which is down to earth and trendy!

I have 7 years of experience planning events for my church, family and friends. I have planned about 10 church events, 20 birthday parties and now I want to branch out and plan business events. With that being said I enrolled in QC event school to learn more about planning corporate events and get my business on the road.


At Debsexperience we plan business events for women who own businesses and who need help with launching their business or product. We do this by having a consultation and learning what your business brand is and making sure that you understand what your brand is so that we can properly plan your launch. We offer picking the venue, choosing vendors, picking decorations, caterers, entertainment, speakers, and 24 hour contact service.