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Terry A Quadnau Jr- Professional Organizer

Terry Quadnau

professional organizer

Terry Quadnau

Weeki Wachee, FL

"Creating better lives through organized living."

My name is Terry A. Quadnau Jr. I am a professional organizer, vocalist, and lyricist. Yes, that is quite a combination. I am also Dad to twelve wonderful feline babies, and an additional four that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know and understand the problems disorganization can create. I have a love for the art of organization and a heart to help those who need it. It is my desire to help you find the causes of a disorganized life, find solutions, and establish a plan to maintain organization and the benefits it brings.

From an early age I have been an organizer. Everything had it's place. Records were always alphabetized. Each drawer in the dresser for a specific item. As I entered my preteen and teen years I continued with this way of life. Whenever I wanted to rearrange my room I would sit down with pencil and paper, draw a diagram of my room, and map it out before actually moving it.
As an adult I have worked in various paid and volunteer positions in which I have been able to utilize my organization skills. Since 2006 I have worked in retail for a Florida department store. Part of my job is to place merchandise on the sales floor and organize visual merchandise displays. I have also volunteered as an administrative assistant at three different churches. Some of my assignments included organizing sheet music, preparing sheet music for special services, and various clerical jobs. These were great opportunities to use my love for organization while helping others have a sound and structured work environment.
The joy and excitement of this work has even prompted me to pursue further design work, particularly in the areas of online consultations, organization product distribution, and home staging.


Specializing in home and office organization, space planning, and floor plans.

Work with clients to determine the cause and cure for disorganization, clutter, and
mismanaged work spaces.

Work with clients to establish an organized lifestyle that adds efficiency, structure,
and order to their life.

Educate clients on good habits and on how to create ongoing goals and plans to
maintain an organized and structured environment.

Providing the above services with environmentally friendly methods.