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Kasey's Bridal Babes

Kasey Powers

makeup artist

Kasey Powers

Woodstock, VA

Making your big day even more beautiful.

Bringing you only the best for your special day. Kasey's Bridal Babes will provide you with the most elegant and sophisticated looks for all wedding occasions. Never failing to bring out your best features and exactly what you asked for.

My name is Kasey Powers. Born in New York and raised in a small town in Virginia. I have always had a passion for makeup and art. I find beauty in paintings, but I find even more beauty in people. I'd just like to help them bring it out. I am self taught but have also acquired most of my knowledge from QC Makeup Academy.


Wedding Makeup: $80/hour

Makeup Consultations: $100

Skype Consultations: $100

Basic Makeup Application: $60/hour