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Samantha Field

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Samantha Field


Providing a Quality Service to make your Special day, a Better Day

Hello, I’m Samantha, an enthusiastic event planner from Devon who loves creating special moments for my clients. I am here to help organise, budget and execute an event that you may need a professional hand on. I enjoy a party, who doesn’t? But as we all know the task of organising a well – thought – out event can intrude on everyday life and cause unnecessary stress and expense. I’m offering my skills in planning as well as contacts of the industry to turn your special event in to a Better Day that you can enjoy for yourself rather than run around working at. Whether it is a private birthday party, a luxury wedding, or a corporate week-long conference I can take out the chaos and ensure you get the most benefit of the event.

Personally, I have always had a flair and passion for the creative arts; Art & Textiles, Music and Drama, Writing and Design. With event planning I found I could combine the areas I love most to boost my skills as an event and wedding planner. The Event and Wedding Planning course I have done with QC Event School has taught me so much about the various scenarios that can arise in this business and how to deal with them in the best possible way. It is so important to stop, think and organise as many aspects as possible in plenty of time for every project you come across, and thanks to the coursework I’ve done, I am confident that I can handle whatever is thrown at me throughout my career.


I offer quite a variety of packages to apply myself to you, my client, no matter your needs and situations. It boils down to ‘Consultation’, ‘Planning and Preparing’, ‘Event Attendance and Coordination’ and a ‘Complete Event Package’ from project start to finish. This applies to all manner of events: Private milestone parties, National Holidays, Funerals, Corporate Events, Local public festivals and so on. Large events often call for a planner but smaller ones can be just as hard to put together for a busy person, which is why I’m here. Or, maybe you have a clear vision of what you want, but the budget and pulling all aspects together is daunting to you and you want a helping hand, that’s another situation I’m happy to help with. A Consultation is the starting point with any project. This is where we introduce ourselves, discuss the type of event you’re intending, and kick-start the process to getting it off the ground. Alternatively, if advise and recommendations is all you’re looking for a consultation can cover it until you’re confident you can handle the rest. Planning and Preparation is the next step, where I, (working to your vision and budget) do the leg work, research and bookings needed for the day of the event. The Event Attendance and Co-ordination is available to those who have done all the work for the day already, but during the event they’d rather mingle and enjoy than watching over the details and problem solving. In this situation I can attend and help execute the tasks that need sorting so that you can sit back and relax. I can also provide this service for a project I have helped plan for you so far. The Complete Package means total involvement from start to finish, taking as much stress and time as possible off your shoulders and providing a high quality event for you and your guests.