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Makeup by Brittany Pardue

Brittany Pardue

makeup artist

Brittany Pardue

Chester, SC

Show Your Beautiful

My name is Brittany Pardue. I am a makeup Artist based out of Chester, South Carolina. Not only is makeup my passion it's my life and what makes me happy. I not only consider the makeup I also consider the natural beauty that's within. I want you to feel just as amazing on the inside as you do on the outside. Your my passion.

I am a Younique Presenter. I teach my clients how to apply makeup the correct way. I show them different products that they wouldn't just love but what is best for their skin. I have done numerous of clients makeup from weddings, prom, school pictures or special events. Available to travel.


Services include: Professionally applied makeup artistry. Bridal services, Makeup Consultation in home or via video chat, and basic makeup services for special events and fantasy makeup.