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Gloribel Post

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Gloribel Post
Raleigh, NC

We will make it happen!

My name is Gloribel Post, I am originally for the Dominican Republic.
Moved to NC 5 years ago after marrying the love of my life!

I went to college in the Dominican Republic seeking a Fine Arts dregree.
I have been a teacher for 9 years and I love people!
One of the reasons why I feel very passionate about planning wedding it is because I had to plan mine, we had a very small budget but I made it happen! Found great vendor with very good quality in their work I also took care of decorating the wedding.
If you are in the same situation and have a small budget I want to make sure your wedding is all you dreamed of just like it happened to me!

iSince I was a little girl I have been interested in painting and redecorating environments, creating displays, and using my artistic talents in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. I also love drawing and I aspire to learn more about how to use design programs in order to augment my expressive capabilities.
I am a very organized person, I love planing activities for friends, family and different clients.

love hearing about what clients envision and using my non-conventional and rustic techniques in helping them fulfill their visions.

I want to be a certified wedding planner because I want to be intricately and creatively involved in this world using my passions for arts and decoration.


Artsilio events is a small business rising in the triangle area.
We want to take care of planing your event and make sure you enjoy this time.
We offer planning for birthday parties, baby showers and Weddings.
We also provide Art private painting parties and craft workshops.