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Chastity Phoenix

My name is Chastity Nichlen. I was previously married so kept my married last name and go as Chastity Phoenix. I am a very happy and proud single mother of 2 amazing children. I have a 16 year old boy turning 17 in may and about to graduate next June of 2018. I am a Independent Presenter for the company Younique and love it so far and feel this would help me more with that as well. I also do PCA( Personal Care Assistant) work for my mother and a few other clients I have and absolutely love working for them. I've always wanted to take makeup courses and become better then I am at putting it on, as well as wanting to do it professionally as I have always since younger years of mine wanted to do makeup but not have to take an entire cosmetology course where they only do a little bit on the entire makeup world. I have never wanted to do all the other things such as hair and nails, so I had never signed up for the course. I was sitting home and said ya know what today I'm going to google just makeup artist courses there must be something, and thank the heavens there was and I finally found out my dream would soon come true. I can now take just professional and mastery makeup courses thanks to QC career online courses. I am hoping once the course is finished I can truly work in the makeup field and fulfill my passion for it.