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Angelica Bobe

wedding planner

Angelica Bobe

Morris County, NJ

"Live your dream."

My name is Ang and I focus on wedding planning .

The world was not built in a day and neither should your wedding. This is the one event in your life that should be memorable and solely about you and your loved one. As such,

I will work closely with you to ensure your wedding is memorable.

While most of the research, planning and scheduling will be executed by me, it is my job to ensure you are fully satisfied with my recommendations and therefore, you can rest assured nothing will ever be agreed upon without your approval.

About Me

After years of coordinating events for friends and family, it was not until I started planning for my own wedding that I realized where my true passion for event planning really came from.

While I found great enjoyment in planning events for friends and family, it was nothing compared to the joy I felt planning and researching every phase of a wedding event.

As a result of the skills I had acquired throughout the years - for my own wedding - I had managed to successfully find, research and hire all my wedding vendors; decided on my wedding theme and acquired items and planned my entire event, in less than 4 months.

With my background as a legal assistant/secretary conducting research, maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings and events, coordinating travel arrangements, and finding service vendors for the firm, my love for planning weddings grew stronger when I realized I possessed all of the skills required to be a wedding planner.

Topped with my Military experience and my reputation for being dependable, reliable and a strong team player; possessing superb organizational skills; experienced at multi-tasking and setting priorities, and most of all, developing the will power to work under pressure and pay great attention to detail; it was most certainly, a dream that could definitely come true.

Having realized my dream could actually come true, I set sail on a career as a certified wedding planner.


Wedding Dream I
This is a full-service wedding package ideal for the couple who needs unlimited assistance in the planning of every detail of their wedding day, from start to finish.

Wedding Dream II
This package is ideal for the couple who has already managed and/or intends to manage the major details leading to their wedding day. We will assist you by reviewing your budget, timeline, vendor list and contracts, etc.

Wedding Dream III
This package is ideal for the couple who has already managed and/or intends to manage most of their wedding details, but require assistance with last minute details. We will assist you by reviewing your budget for proper distribution, review vendor contracts and make sure you are on track with your timeline, etc.

Live Your Dream
Your wedding day should be the one day in your life to live stress free. During the last six months, I will work closely with you to mare sure your wedding day becomes a dream come true.

And, remember….
Anything is possible, if you just believe. Dreams can become reality.