Katie Murray

wedding planner

Katie Murray
Calgary, AB

Exquisite Wedding Planning for your Picture Perfect Day servicing Southern Alberta.

Life long Calgarian that is passionate about utilizing the many wonders of Southern Alberta for my clients weddings, such as the surrounding landscape and architecture.
Personal approach to design is to ensure synergies between my clients wedding and their personalities. I enjoy using my creativity to guide clients in a fashion that aligns their individual traits and characteristics with all aspects of their wedding.
With this personalized approach, your wedding will be as beautiful and unique as each couple!

I have completed three years of Elementary Education; and
I have completed a two year degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
Since I have worked in the Hotel and Restaurant business for many years I have an intimate knowledge of the industry, which, positions me better to help my clients capitalize on location and catering cost savings.
Experience & Passion
While planning my own wedding I became deeply passionate about the entire process and the many different aspects surrounding a successful wedding. After aiding multiple friends and families with planning their own special days I decided to enroll and am currently working to complete a course to become an International Wedding Planning Professional.


I offer clients various packages based on their needs, budget and level of involvement.

1 Wedding Bell Package
The 1 Wedding Bell Package is designed for the client who has organized the majority of their wedding details and wants the ability to relax and enjoy their special day. As your wedding planner I will ensure all aspects of your wedding are met, such as, finalizing venue set-up, payments to vendors, catering requirements and making sure everything is as you imagined! I will make sure all last minute requests are dealt with and that you are able to embrace the beauty of your day!!

2 Wedding Bell Package
The 2 Wedding Bell Package is designed for the client who wants assistance with making some of their decisions, whether it be catering, music, floral, venue, decorations or any other aspect of their wedding. I will provide the necessary level of assistance to my client to aid them in finalizing their special day. Planning a wedding can be a lot of stress and pressure and with a knowledgeable wedding planner it allows some of these decisions to be made easier. I will guide my client through important decisions by outlining the various options available to them to meet their needs.

3 Wedding Bell Package
The 3 Wedding Bell Package is the premier package! The 3 Wedding Bell Package is designed for the client who wants the luxory of allowing a professional to plan their special day based on their vision and budget. I will handle all bookings, reservations and arrangements on my clients behalf. Everything from your guest list to the take down at the end of your special night will be taken care of freeing up the clients time to enjoy their friends and family and simply embrace the moment. With the 3 Wedding Bell Package you have the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be done to perfection in accordance with the clients vision and on budget!

a la carte
I also provide any and all of my services a la carte, or on an individual basis for my clients!

My promise to you, is that with any of my packages you will be fully satisfied and all your wedding dreams will come true!

Please contact me to book a consultation and to discuss pricing.