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Alyssa Wilson

home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Alyssa Wilson

Guelph, ON

Hey There! You look like you are looking for some help with creative inspiration in your home. You have come to the right place because this is my passion and life. I know what I'm doing when it comes to creating your perfect getaway from the outside world.

Need help Organizing? I've got you covered
Need help Staging your home to sell? I'm your girl
Need some Umph in your home? You can count on me

I am a 27 year old Mom of two, my first born a puppy named Onyx and my son Kaden. I have a passion for anything home decor and re design. As a child my mother and I would spend our Saturday mornings not watching cartoons, but watching TLC trading spaces. I was obsessed with this show and was excited for my future because I'm pretty sure I re-vamped my room 15 times a week. I had vision boards on my walls for what was inspiring me that week so I could plan out my room layouts and how I was going to have the best looking room out of all of my friends. Needless to say this passion never ended. I went to College and got a diploma in Visual Merchandising and now I have become certified in Interior Decorating, Home Staging and Professional Organization.


I Provide the following services:

- Room Re-design
- Floorplan layout
- Creative Inspiration
- Home Staging
- Home and/or Room Organization
- Space Managment
- De-cluttering Household