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Taylored Events

Taylor Page

event planner, wedding planner

Taylor Page

Cape Canaveral, FL

For Events as Unique as You Are!

“No matter the size of your event, budget, or time frame, Taylored Events will make it a priority to give you and intricate and detailed experience that is as unique and special as you are.

Taylored Events is an event service that takes pride in creative problem solving as well as our ability to make costs as low as possible. We are willing to travel far and wide for our clients. Even when working on short notice, we will do our absolute best to be as detailed as possible. From the biggest detail to the smallest, we will bring your event to life.

It is our number one goal and highest priority to bring to life each and every event for every client. We will strive to make every client feel that he or she is the priority. That they are cared for and that they are so much more than a pay check.

I am:
I prefer to keep things as neat as I can. Organization helps stay calm in the middle of chaos. As an organized person I am easier to follow and communicate with. By being organized I have better control of my surroundings and I am more capable of taking on any curve ball or challenge that may come my way.

I strongly believe that the smallest details in an event have the power to be the most memorable. I also know that, often times, these details can easily go unnoticed. I do the very best I can to make sure no small detail goes unseen.

With any limited budget, a great need for creativity arises. In my experience, a few streamers, paper, markers and fishing line can go a very long way.

Though I have already worked on several events myself, these traits are constantly being refined. While being a student, I am learning how to expand my character traits to ensure a wonderful experience with Taylored Events!


DAY OF: For this service I will meet with the client at least three times before the day of the event.
1. Client’s vision of upcoming event (This will be the first meeting after the initial consultation. During this meeting we will talk about what your entire vision is for your upcoming event. This will make sure we start out on the same page.)
2. Update on any changes (This meeting will be the time where we would discuss any changes to the original plan, if any, and keep each other on the same page)
3. Final details (This meeting takes place a few days before the event takes place. We will go over any last minute details.)

On the day of the event I will be involved in every detail we discuss in our prior meetings.

Partial Service: I can be as involved as a client needs me to be. This service is considered for the client who has the details but not the time to put them into action. I will step in and be the contact person for vendors and placing all details in order.

Full Service: For the client that has no prior plan or vision for the event they are trying to plan. I will be responsible for every detail from beginning to end.

Add-Ons: Any additional occasion will have its own price separate from the original package. Listed below are occasions considered to be add-ons.
-Initial Consultation
-Bridal Showers
-Engagement Party
-Bachelor Party