Emilee Barrington

color consultant, feng shui consultant

Emilee Barrington
Halton Hills, ON

Balancing your living space for a sure lifestyle

The mission of my company is to balance the homes and lives of my clients in a way which impacts clients greatly for wealth and prosperity in their lives.

I will be bringing in my expertise of clearing, cleansing, designing ,and organizing the living space and lifestyles of my clients using Feng Shui. I plan to keep the services of my clients efficient, and simple for them to understand and maintain.

My name is Emilee Barrington and I am a fully certified Feng Shui Professional. I am a new graduate of the program titled Professional Feng Shui Consultant. By being very pleased with the extent of information in the course I am thrilled to start my career to improve the lives of others in their home and lifestyles. I believe in sorting out home negative shars into positive energy which uplifts one's life with joy and happiness . My background comes from home cleaning with natural products so I already have a good sense of how smell of essential oils and cleanliness can extend to the client a better appreciation for one's home. Scent can really change for the better on how another feels about their home. Setting foot in the Feng Shui industry is a great step for me. I used to try and implement Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) into homes with little training but without formal training my quest didn't last long. My passion for sorting out homes is still here. I'm happy to complete the course with a better understanding of the proper steps to take for a client with Feng Shui, and the business professionalism I was taught which I intend to use.


The services I intend to offer are services to incorporate special meditation/prayer/yoga spaces in areas of clients' homes and businesses using feng shui. Landscape garden placements for relaxation are another area I concentrate on. I will also offer services for changing wall colors and placement of furniture to help enhance the lives of my clients. I will also offer my clients a service to organize their cluttered space using feng shui for optimal usage of the home for wealth and prosperity.