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Elizabeth Prater

makeup artist

Elizabeth Prater

clarksville, TN

You are beautiful treat yourself to makeup

Hi my name is liz. I always loved makeup. I always watching videos for new ideas. I always look for new stiles. I see a person I see beauty. Your beautiful with or without makeup. It's how you feel on the inside and out.

I am a student at QC Makeup Artist Academy. I have learned so much about makeup from them. Nathan Johnson Is a great teacher. He really points out stuff in detail. He is a very good Makeup artist I want to be as good as he is. I been using makeup sense I was 14. I did not know much about it at the time. I started watching you tube videos on makeup. They was not as much detail as the academy throw. It took me a a few years but I figured it out. I also started doing my friend makeup. Then I worked in an assisted Living center and I started doing the elderly. The smile on there faces made my heart feel joy. They always said thank you. I decided to take this course because I love helping people find the right look and help them feel good about them self's. It an amazing feeling helping. I also love to teach them new things and styles and Help them to put there makeup on.


Day and night time makeup
waxing eye brows
Natural Makeup
Foundation matching
I will also teach a class on proper makeup application

I am in Clarksville Tn. I don't Know the town that well. As long as I can get an address I will come to you if needed.