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Lauren McNicholls

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Lauren McNicholls

Duncan, BC

Creating Memories and Moments You Will Cherish Forever

Hello, my name is Lauren McNicholls, and I am an up and coming Event and Wedding Planner, as well as an Event Decorator. More than that, I am a true believer that every important moment in life is one worth remembering. Whether it is a sixteenth birthday party, an engagement party, a baby shower, or a wedding itself, I am here to help you create the perfect day that you will remember forever.

I am currently a student at QC Career School, taking their Event and Wedding Planning, and Event Decor courses. I have had a passion for planning events for as long as I can remember. For years I have helped my friends with their birthday parties, and I am always having people over for big dinners where I can plan a nice sit down meal and show off my knack for a good table setting.

In the past I have helped plan the launch parties for a few local bands on the release of their first CD’s. I have helped on the committees of music festivals held throughout the valley, and in a previous job it was my delegation to pick which events we gave our services to. When my brother got married I was a bridesmaid, but I also helped organize the bachelorette party, and helped with some of the wedding details. And when my niece was born, I held the baby shower at my house, providing decorations for the venue, and refreshments for all the women who attended.


As an Event and Wedding Planning Student I offer a fresh look at the world of event planning. I can provide a new take on what it means to plan the perfect birthday, shower, engagement, corporate retreat, and wedding. While I may be green in the sense that my experience is lacking, and I am not yet a professional, I have every intention to help provide you with the event and the experience of your dreams. I will work tirelessly to deliver exactly what it is you want, and any obstacles we may come across we will work through together.

My hope for this company is that it will provide brides, and anyone with a special occasion to celebrate, with a sense that their day means not just something, but that it means everything. I am here for you; I am here to serve you and accomplish your dreams, and I can’t do that unless you give me a chance.

For birthday parties I will work with you to ensure we capture the perfect theme, colour scheme, and find the perfect venue that fits your needs.

For your dream wedding I will again work to find you the perfect place to have your special day. We will find the perfect caterer, florist, band or DJ, decorator, and much more. It’s your day, and it is my intent to make sure everything runs perfect, and is up to your expectations.

The same goes for showers and other types of parties; I will work to the best of my ability to make it everything you have hoped for, and plan it to fit your needs. From the decor to the food, and everything in between, I will strive to make your event perfect for you, and one of a kind, just like the occasion you are celebrating, and the person you are.

I work primarily in the Cowichan Valley, but am willing to travel to other destinations on Vancouver Island to help you plan and achieve the perfect event.