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Lorraine Putz

home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Lorraine Putz

Owen Sound, Grey and Bruce Counties, ON

Designing affordable dream rooms for your home

Staged FX offers a complete and quality interior decorating service.

We can create your vision of design with wall and ceiling finishes, window treatments, flooring, lighting, and furnishings to complement any style and budget. We love challenging rooms, and are never happy until you are delighted.

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About Lorraine

Lorraine is a graduate of QC Design School and has been providing home owners with interior decorating design and advice for over 15 years.

Her passion is finding the perfect combinations of colours, materials, and furnishings for your home spaces. She truly cares about your needs and budget, while making each room a place of beauty.

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Interior design and redesign consultations:

* Floor Plans - Visual representation with scaled drawings. Potential layouts for
space planning.
* Styles - Creating a reflection of personality in Casual, Country, Traditional,
Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary or Formal styles.
* Colour - Designing with colours that harmonize with each other.
* Wall Treatments - Treating walls to set the scene for mood, atmosphere, and
style by applying textures of paints and wallpapers.
* Furnishings - Furniture selections to create mood and style, balance and
* Flooring - Selecting the proper material to achieve an optimum blend of form,
function, and aesthetics. From concrete, tile, hardwood and carpet.
* Window Treatments - Selecting treatments and types of window coverings,
Decorative elements, function and style of the treatments.
* Accessorizing - Accessories that work with balance and groupings. To
enhance the style and mood by using colour, texture, and theme
from accents.
* Lighting - Functions of lighting, Ambient, Task or Accent. Using the function of
lighting to create the right balance and style for its purpose.
* Textiles - Focussing on colours, patterns, prints and textures of elements to
add to the style and mood of a room.

Home Staging to sell your home at the best possible price:

* Decluttering - Sorting and categorizing items by priority. To help cut back
clutter, optimize space, and encourage order.
* De-personalizing - Eliminating items that are personal or show signs of
emotional attachment. Creating a neutral environment to
potential buyers.
* Repairs - All necessary repairs and maintenance should be addressed prior to
listing a house to optimize the perceived value.
* Cosmetic Upgrades - Any cosmetic upgrades will help with the value of the
house. This includes yard, garden, new exterior paint and other obvious
* Structural Upgrades - ensuring all structural and mechanical functions are
working properly and in good condition.
* Interior and Exterior Cleaning - Final touch from cleaning the inside of your
home to the outside with power washing surfaces,
washing windows and doors, and cleaning