Demon Apple Art

Keriann McNamara-McCauliffe

makeup artist

Keriann McNamara-McCauliffe
Englewood, CO

Even fear can be beautiful

I'm just a wild spirit, gypsy-wannabe who's obsessed with horror, darkness and the beauty in all things.

I'm a writer, artist, makeup professional seeking to live out my dreams. I run a small Etsy shop that features my art as well as my herbal mixtures, and I'm trying to climb my way up the Haunted Attraction ladder so I can work in the industry year round doing creature and concept design, and then be a part of running the big show once a year.

I write for a Geek culture blog called Hush Comics, and I also cover pop culture - specifically horror, tv and movies - at I also write fiction, and I currently have two novels in the works.

I am resourceful, adaptable, exciting and a little offbeat.


Writing, Special FX makeup, Monster/creature design and concept, Wedding/prom/beauty makeup, Hair color, Paintings and sculptures by request, potions, tinctures and tarot readings by request.