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Nafiseh Salemzadeh

color consultant, feng shui consultant, interior decorator, landscape designer

Nafiseh Salemzadeh

Clean outside, change inside

Hello everyone,
My name is Nafiseh Salemzadeh. I’m a Feng Shui Designer with certification from QC Design School. I would consult everyone who needs to make a better life and business. By Feng Shui we help you to enhance energy flow in your home and office so you can try more relaxed, comfortable, happy and healthy home and business relationships.
I tried Feng Shui seven years ago by going to some classes and started to try it myself in my home and in my friend’s homes. I have got good feedback from my friends and they suggested me to teach it to others. I tried to have some classes in my home and there were lots of people who really loved to know more about Feng Shui. So everything around me called me toward this field and now I am here for you.

I am certified in Feng Shui Designer and Interior Designer courses from Iran, Canada, and America. I have 7 years experience in teaching Feng Shui and decorating homes and offices. I have written a book also with the name of “The principles of Feng Shui in Interior Design”, that I have the plan to translate it into English soon.


I do consult Feng Shui solutions or changes due to each space in a home or office or a yard. My services are included below:
1. Walkthrough consultation by taking a tour through your space and evaluate your Feng Shui needs. This process will help you to know which parts of your place are blocked and no energy can move easily or what parts need to change or get organized.
2. Consulting what kinds of colors you should use in each part of your home or office to make better energy from these colors in your space and also having a good energy flow as well.
3. Consulting about kinds of accessory you can use in your place and how to design and decorate them to have a much more beautiful place and flow of energy in your space.
4. Consulting about the kinds of lighting you have better to use and where to put them for a better energy flow in your area.
5. Implementation Services that in this process I will do everything I consulted for you. Actually, we will work together to cure the Feng Shui challenges step-by-step in your place to improve Ch’i flow.
6. Feng Shui Maintenance to have follow-up appointments to keep you on track always.