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Kimberly Brooke Makeup

Kim Hicks

makeup artist

Kim Hicks

Plano, TX

Crafting innovative and modern looks

Kimberly Hicks Makeup is all about the fine art of faces. I truly believe that makeup is an art form, and each face is a unique palette waiting to become something more beautiful and fresh.

From special events and weddings to high end portraiture and editorials, Kimberly Hicks Makeup can craft a custom, modern look that will last and photograph well.

I dove into the makeup industry after developing a passion for makeup as a form of art in my 20's. Always an artist, I studied architecture, 2D art, and graphic design in college. It wasn't until I entered a time in life I like to call "The Years of the Weddings" when it seemed that everyone around me, including myself, was getting married. Many weekends were spent in bridal suits and attending the nuptuals of some of my dearest friends. There is something about the glow a bride has, and I quickly realized the power of makeup.
I began researching and falling in love with some of the most forward thinking makeup artists and entranced by their abilities to completely transform a face. Everything from natural makeup to special effects, it was all so inspiring.
Creating Kimberly Brooke Makeup is more than just a look for a day. I want this to be about creating confidence in people and allowing them to be seen the way they see themselves. There is power in all the creams and powders, and I can't wait to create a look that is 100% you. No two faces are alike, and no two makeup looks are either. I can't wait to meet you and collaborate!


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