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Catherine Linton

Edmonton, AB
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We do the work - you enjoy the party.

Catherine Eli, as a company focused primarily on Wedding Coordinating, will offer several packages catered to the needs and wants of a broad range of clients; fluctuating in both price and company involvement to create the perfect combination of expertise that will both tend to the wishes of the client while meeting their need for an affordable budget. Catherine Eli is a company that strives for the good of all parties involved- not solely the progression of a business but a personal and unique touch that can make your event into a memory for a lifetime.

I knew from the first wedding I attended, as a flower girl when I was eight, that weddings were my calling. Out with the notion to be a marine biologist and in with the dream of sending off hundreds of people down the isle to their awaiting soul mate. I have been involved in 9 weddings thus far; as a planner, a bridesmaid, a maid of honour, or an MC.
Having taken my turn around the board in every role (except the bride), I thought it about time to get certified and get out there. I enrolled with QC Career school in November of 2017 and haven't looked back since, getting one step closer every day to my personal goals of turning my business into a reality and your wedding into the best day of your life.


From that perfect bouquet to the most delicious prime rib you’ve ever tasted – event planning is both dependant on the major aspects of planning and the fine details that your guests will remember. Catherine Eli vows to equally attend to the major planning and the tender lovin care that is required for those particulars that will make your event a memorable as possible.
Wedding packages and event packages will be readily available on a first come first serve basis, with planning details included such as venue booking, photography booking, DJ+Music booking, prep and set up, day-of assistance, and follow up. In addition to Catherine Eli, Clinton Eli will offer inventory rentals such as equipment, tables, chairs, linens, floral arrangement, decorations, marketin materials, etc.

Catherine Eli is a business that strives to both deliver and present top notch events, while maintaining more of a family-friendly and appropriately priced service for those who may not be able to afford the fees of an event planner whose name is worth more than the service they offer.
There will be flat rates for each wedding package, and an upcharge for additional services and rentals not included in the preset package. Packages will be priced based on a flat rate of the services included, with a percentage increase for number of guests, days of work, or involvement in the event. The prices, though affordable next to my competition, will reach my target audience; the middle class who long for a professional event but cannot afford to fees and rates of a popular event planner. Catherine Eli is in business for the enjoyment and pleasure of planning events and seeing them come together; though profit is a must and our take home cut will be more than substantial, our prices are modest and our service is extraordinary.