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Bianca Andrews

personal stylist

Bianca Andrews

Richmond, VA

Style begins with confidence

My name is Bianca Andrews and I currently reside in Virginia. I am your fashion companion and style educator. My goal is to help you find confidence in yourself first to allow your individual style shine through your wardrobe.

Fashion has always had a presence in my life since my childhood. At a young age I had interest in movies and shows about fashion, reading magazines just to look at what a celebrity was wearing, and shopping. My father is my role model when it comes to fashion and business, he would always let his wardrobe speak for him and since high school I've done the same. After graduating, I gained over 8 years in retail/customer service, experience, 3 years in management experience (managing my fathers company), and obtaining my degree in business. After realizing that people have always complimented me on at least one aspect of my outfit and really wanting to have my own company, I decided to turn an interest into my career.


• Consultation ($55 per hour)- getting to know the client
• Image Consultation ($55 per hour) – in depth look into your image and discussing how to achieve the image you want others to see
• Personal Shopping ($65 per hour) – visiting stores and purchasing looks for you.
• Closet Revamp ($65 per hour)- Going through your current wardrobe and gaining knowledge on how to make what you have work for you now.
• Event styling ($60 per hour)- putting together a look for a special occasion
• Style Session ($55 per hour)- showing you to style clothing
• Make up ($45 per hour)
• Hair recommendation and style ($50 per hour)
• Record Keeping ($25 per month)- keeping a copy of all purchases for your personal record
• On call Styling ($45 per month/14 day period) – allows you to ask any questions via phone or email with priority response (after purchase of other services)
• Closet Organizing ($40 per hour)
• The “Introduce me to style” introduction offer ($280/new client only)
-3 hours of personal shopping
-2 hours of wardrobe analysis
-1-hour consultation

• Wardrobe Makeover bundle ($300)
- 3 hours of personal shopping
- 1 hour consultation
- 1 hour of new wardrobe styling

• The “Bianca Shanay Experience” ($150)
- 1 hour consultation
- 1 hour of personal styling
- 2 hours of makeup and hair

• Beauty Bundle ($80)
- 1 hour of makeup
- 1 hour of hair styling

Travel Fee ($30 per every 25 miles) outside a 30 mile radius of Richmond, Virginia
- Accepting clients in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina
- Will accept clients in Atlanta, Georgia with a 3-week notice and booking fee of $45