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Tressa Nguyen with Mary Kay

Tressa Nguyen

makeup artist

Tressa Nguyen

Houston, TX

I am a makeup artist and a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Hello, I enrolled on the 4th of November 2016 into the Makeup Artist Course at QC Career School online. I am currently 36 years old, 5’3”, and 135lbs. Looking for additional income opportunities is why I turn to QC because I need a new career path.

I have credits to work in a computer office setting that did not get me anywhere after I got discharge from the US Navy. Because of the US Navy I have an aprintership certification that is useless because of the fact that I am too weak for safety requirement. I have phone rep skills, food prep skill, customer service skills which I got from working at Dominos when I was going to school at the Texas School of Business. I got my GED at age 17, brain was still fresh. I only have myself as experience in applying makeup. I would put on makeup for myself when I woke up each morning to go to work for a private office long time ago. It was a weekday routine for me every morning. I did my makeup for a special event, it was someone else wedding day. I did my makeup for Navy boot camp photo for graduation. I used to sell Mary Kay products almost a year back ago. My experience with makeup have been a positive one. I cannot wait to do someone else makeup.

I am going to school to learn an easy career that I can do on top of another career. The reason as to why I am taking this course is to have a skill and a professional certification to add with my future Mary Kay business opportunity. I will be looking forward to working as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant with a Makeup Artist certification by April or May of 2017. I will be looking for work at home career combination where as I can do two jobs at the same time.

A future successful Mary Kay sales woman and Makeup Artist professional in the making name Tressa Nguyen from Houston, TX. Born February 21, 1980 at 6:03 AM in Houston, TX to a Vietnam Era US Army Veteran and refugee. Had one older brother by three years and a sister that came two years later. Life was innocently waking up early to watch the early morning TV shows in infant and toddler years before she had reach school age. She was a strong baby; but over the years of bad nourishment; got weaker. Drop out of high school and got a GED at the age of 17. Then went to Texas School of Business North campus for the Computer Office Specialist Certificate. A few years later, enlisted in the US Navy where after boot camp went to SW “A” school to go on as a SWCN in the Sea Bees. With a Honorable Discharge after two years of service. Became homeless until 2007 where an awarded benefit was issued for monthly payments from then on for 100% disability. With a survival income to make it down the road leaving not a savings for a solid stable future looked for work and or other decent way of getting monetary resources. Met a man who became a boyfriend and an employer as an In-Home Attendant service care provider. Yep, he is disabled on SSI, cannot depend on him financially, so off to find another income and career path to depend on for future stability. While doing that, attending QC Career School in hope of doing two jobs on top of each other while still working as a part time service care provider and getting VA reward on a monthly basis. Life is good but not good enough as it is always hard to satisfy a woman with dreams of a secured future. In hope of saving for investments with Mary Kay business opportunity while paying for school, rent, bills, and groceries she will set aside 2/3 of her incomes not thinking about wanting a car or a stable home. By April 2017 she will have enough to invest in Mary Kay inventory products that will be use as demonstration products and kit for the makeup artist profession while the rest of the money will be use to invest in creating sample packets to sell and lure in clients and buyers and a down line. The start of a success is planned out to take place when April 2017 hits. The schooling and investment don’t always a guaranteed hopeful future. It just gives hope and the prudential net payout that have been estimated for the pace anticipated for the net to come rolling in. If she does not make a profit; she is hoping to break even with no money lost.


The service I can provide for now are computer integrated office function (like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), customer service phone representative, organizing, faxing.