Alberta Laura Parsons

wedding planner

Alberta Laura Parsons
Ottawa, ON

Getting engaged can be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life. you've met the person of your dreams and you've decited

my name is alberta parsons but alot of people call me by my middle name which is laura im training to be a wedding planner to help loving couples make a very special day even more memorable without having the engaged couple go crazy from everything that needs to be planned. im very organized but also im cheery all the time im good with people and have a very good sence of human when its needed

im 21 i have 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband that i've been with for 2 years i graduated grade 12 and wanted to become a singer up until my friend asked me to help her with her wedding and i loved it i started searcing colleges until i found qc


for my services im helping the engaged couple plan the entire wedding;
comming with you to anything about the wedding
calling people for you and finding prices that fit your budget.
guest lists help having the wedding party organized so they kno what to do helping find things that need to be bought for the wedding