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Belle design and decor

Judy Korassa-Pigott

interior decorator

Judy Korassa-Pigott

Meadow Lake, SK

Love your home

Your home is your haven. Belle design and decor will help you create your sanctuary, reflecting your personal taste and lifestyle. Comfort and style will make your heart smile when you step in your home. Belle design and decor will help you decide on colours, style, furniture and design that suits you and your family.

Judy Pigott — Founder of Belle Design and Decor

Belle means 'Beautiful' in French. I believe your home should be beautiful in your eyes; and that beauty will give you comfort and warmth in your life.

I found my passion for design, colour, style and furnishing through my own home renovation; and years of sharing with friends and family! Experiencing the process of renovating and designing my own home empowered me to turn my passion into a profession. My great satisfaction is finding great deals to fit your budget. I believe that high quality home decor and furniture don't have to eat up all of your design budget. Let me help you find what you need.

Bachelors of Education
Teaching is my first passion. I love teaching core French and students with exceptionalities.
15 years of teaching experience.

QC Design School
Student pursue of IDDP certificate.


The beauty of your home can be projected in many ways through the use of paint colour, simple decor changes, or even a simple flower arrangement. I can also help you make your renovation project or new home build beautiful with your own personal flare. Together we will create a peaceful atmosphere that puts a smile on your face each time you step in to it. I will help you find the 'Belle' in your home while ensuring that your design complements your lifestyle.