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Sana Mohamed

wedding planner

I will be not only your wedding planner but your therapist when needed, my advice will be what you get from a close friend and your fairy go

A wedding is significant joyous occasion, which a couple will forever cherish. My role is to take the images and thoughts you have about your dream wedding and make it real. My outgoing energetic personality will make my clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I plan to make this process as easygoing and smooth as possible. I intend to take everything one-step at a time, I would not want my clients to feel overwhelmed. To avoid that from happening I would make sure my clients and I have a very organized schedule that will help us keep track of what should be done and the deadlines of our tasks. I believe that if we communicate all our thoughts

I am in the process of completing my wedding planning course with QC School of Wedding Planning.


I will be offering a full service company that will provide complete consulting services for weddings, etiquette advice, event scheduling, vendor confirmation, rehearsal attendance, supervision of both ceremony and reception setup and budget planning. We are open to any other services you may need to help make your wedding a memorable moment.

My philosophy is to take on all the stress and worries from the bride and turn into a positive and joyful experience. I want this process to go as smoothly as possible, so in the end everyone will be happy and satisfied.