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Cloé À La Mode

Clotilde Ekani

makeup artist

Clotilde Ekani

Fairmount Heights, MD

Live in style!

My name is Cloé Ekani.

When I created Cloé À La Mode, I did so with the idea of giving every beautiful person the opportunity to discover their own personal style, unleash it, and above all else, fall in love with themselves.

Having grown up in an increasingly superficial generation, I took pride in not following the crowd. I took my time to study and research things before I did them, and took the time to learn the difference between fashion and trend.

As I got older, delved more into my passions, and discovered more and more about my personal style, I began to slowly experiment with makeup to slightly enhance my already strong features. I discovered that I saw much better results focusing on enhancing what I already loved, rather than concealing what I didn’t. During the time I was employed as a beauty specialist at my local Victoria’s Secret, I implemented this style of practice with my clients.

As a former psychology major, I had always had a passion for helping people. I implemented these practices into my fashion retail career as well. As I began to develop professionally, I decided to merge all of my passions into one. I began to incorporate my life experiences into my practices with hopes to inspire those around me, and most importantly, my clients and followers.

Through my platform as an image consultant and style enthusiast, I have been able to target everything from homelessness, to hospitalization, to eye and skin disorders. I specifically target these issues to assure my clients and followers that they do not have to look like what they’ve been through.

Today, I continue to dedicate my career to helping my clients look and feel their best everyday, because they’re worth it. I certainly look forward to continuing this journey with you!