QC Career School

Stefanie Hughes

Hi. I'm stef and I'm excited to be starting a new pathway in the makeup industry. To put it out there I buy way too much makeup!! I am such a lipstick junkie hahaha but when certain brands come out with new shades, and then limited edition palettes, something in me just has to have it. I am qualified in hair and beauty already but after 10 years in hairdressing I decided it was no longer for me. Since then I have worked in retail but have always thought to myself that surely there has to be more to life than just selling clothes for a living. In my spare time I do love watching my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube and I'm always amazed at all the different looks they come up with and the crazy challenges they participate in too. So I guess this sort of inspired me to take a step into the world of makeup and see what direction this would take me in. To not only get better at putting makeup on myself, but to learn how to work on others and see where this career path will take me. I'm excited to be starting the master makeup and pro workshop courses and to eventually get into the sfx and airbrush classes too.