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Design Den Studio

Beckie Zakordonski

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Beckie Zakordonski

Medicine Hat, AB


Welcome to the Design Den Studio, an interior design studio driven by the artistic spirit and down to earth nature of Beckie Zakordonski. Beckie is known for her modern artsy style, balanced with rustic, earthy touches. She is also recognized for her ability to make a small budget go a long way. Beckie is also a fine artist whose life has been to make things beautiful. She takes her inspiration from the use of color, from her travels, and from other cultures to create enjoyable, welcoming spaces that are functional and a place that you want to be.

Beckie is a certified International Interior Decorating and Design Professional and the sole proprietor of the Design Den Studio. She enjoys the people she works with and is always ready to create with her clients needs and best interests in mind. With eight plus years of interior design experience and an artistic eye for color, design, and making things beautiful, Beckie can help her clients bring their design ideas to life.


Design Den Studio services include consultation - design development - color, furniture, materials, and art selection - design implementation - installation

Onsite Consultation- Initial meeting to exchange information, a walk through of the space and a detailed discussion of the specific requirements for the project. Photographs and measurements will be taken of the space. We’ll discuss the desired changes, the solutions, and the client’s desired outcome for the space. We’ll also discuss how their goals can be reached, cost, timeline, and budget. - $250.00 for 2hrs paid at the end of the consultation.

Design Development- Everything discussed during the consultation is taken into account as detailed floor plans, furniture plans, color palettes, and interior finishes such as; paint, wallcoverings, flooring, ceiling, and window treatments etc. are being developed. We’ll have another meeting to review the design plans and make any refinements. We’ll meet one more time to finalize the design.

Design Implementation- After the inital deposit is paid, we can then begin work orders and purchasing. We’ll conduct weekly onsite visits during the construction phase to ensure the fulfillment of design intent and quality of work.

Installation– Oversight of actual furniture placement and installations to ensure proper location of each piece.