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Kelly Gaboury

color consultant, interior decorator, professional organizer

Kelly Gaboury
Nanaimo, BC

I recently resigned from my job at Ricky's All Day Grill in Nanaimo, BC, to concentrate on building my business and focusing on QC Design School. For the past few years I have been serving at a couple different restaurants. Many years ago I went to Mount Royal College for interior design, while studying I worked full time with a renovation company. I married right after graduating and started a family. In 2009, a year after losing my job due to the economic down turn in 2008, my family and I did a big move to Vancouver Island, to raise our kids in a small city while being able to purchase land and build a home from the ground up. Once established in our newly built home, I attempted to start up a small business painting and decorating. For the first 6 months, business was great, steady and the networking started to flow. A few months later, husband moved on. With no guarantee of work and money coming in I was left to raise my kids and all the financial responsibilities on my shoulders, I put my painting and decorating business on the side and took a full time serving job, it wasn't ideal but it served me well. I had gain side work in my field through customer service networking in the restaurant. To date all my work has been referral based, and has provided extra income for my kids and I. I now live in a blended family, have money tucked a side and am starting to get back into what I love.

I signed up for the interior decorating, as a refresher. As an added bonus home staging came with signing up. My main goal for enrolling with QC is to get certified for Professional Organizing and get paid for it. With almost every painting job, clients mean on me for help with simple things like organizing their closet, helping decide where pictures should get hung, which new bedding works better with their newly painted room etc. Plus my family now about my inner neat/ clean freak. My sister owns her own business cleaning houses, she loves it as do I, but I love it on a different level.

So I'm here to get re certified in interior decorating and add home staging along with professional organizing to add to my color consultating and painting business, as I want to say good bye to the restaurant industry.


Professional interior and exterior painter
Colour Consultant
Home and Construction Cleaner