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2nd Star to the Right

Nicola Morford

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Nicola Morford


with a little bit of faith, trust and my pixie dust

I'm Nicki Morford and 2nd Star to the Right is my business based in Liskeard, Cornwall and surrounding areas including Plymouth, Bodmin, Lostwithel and Looe. I started my business thanks to my Mother she used to throw myself and my siblings the most fabulous traditional parties complete with homemade games and decorations all to match the theme of what we had chosen...she also missed out on the amazement she had created as she was so busy making sure everyone else was happy I always thought all she needed was someone who understood the love that went into the party, lighten the load and make sure she was enjoying it just as much as the rest of us; And that is exactly what I do with my services. From a mother who wants to throw a party as special as the child it's for to a bride who wants a friendly face to guide and help make her special day's dreams come true I have you covered and all it takes is your faith, trust and my pixie dust...

I started my business in 2016 after a couple years of planning and organising how I wanted to run it and making sure I was the best event planner I could be for my clients; this included completing a level 3 event management course and 4 QC event school courses. I am married with 2 beautiful boys so I know exactly what it's like to be the bride to be worrying about how everything is going to come together for the big day and being the mother searching for an entertainer or activities to make your child's birthday as great as they want it to be. Having experienced the highs and lows of planning an event that means the world to you and loved ones means my business gives the personal touch and through all the differences each event has there is one factor that never changes and that's how personal each event is to the client!
My wedding was the start of my portfolio with my son's 4th birthday the opening product to showcase my creative skills and organisation of being hostess and my business has been growing with clients and suppliers ever since and all it takes is one phone call or message to book your first consultation.


First Consultation
After first contact we will make arrangements to meet to discuss the event details and get to know each other as client and potential employee to make sure we fit professionally and also importantly personally. Details such as type of event, budget, ideas about what you absolutely need and what you would like would be discussed as well as your interests in life and your personal style and tastes all these will give me the basis I need to create an event better than you could even have imagined! If you decide to use my services going forward from the consult or I make the decision that working together isn't the best option for your event you will receive a refund for the cost of the consultation.

Event Planning
Want an entertainer but no time or patience to search for the right one for you? Looking to hire something specific or unique but have no idea where to start? From venue searching to cake makers I can sort it all for you. My services cover all levels of planning whether you just want a first consultation to make a baseline for you to plan your own event or you want me there every step of the way! 2nd Star to the Right understands different people want different degrees of involvement in their events and I cater for all.

Personalised Traditional Games
Pin the tail styled games, giant floor jigsaws, hoopla, ball toss games, pass the parcel, balloon pop (piñata alternative) and plenty more for all occasions. I create traditional games with modern twists to match the theme of the event and with prices starting from only £3

Hand made decorations to fit in with any event theme, banners, table decorations, posters, cut out characters, balloons, table ware and much, much more with prices starting from just £1
If handmade isn't for you then I have the contacts and the suppliers to source the décor for any theme, colour scheme and atmosphere you've imagined for your event.

Favours and Invititations
Variety of sweet cones, filled handmade party bags (e.g sweets, balloon, temporary tattoo, toy, glow stick and bubbles), handmade keepsakes for guests, handmade invitations and custom printed invitations all available starting prices from only 50p

Food shopping
Doing the food shopping is a chore for many at the best of times let alone when you are trying to buy for an event if you decide not to have a caterer! So why not use my food shopping service*? After discussing a shopping list and budget I will do the job for you and deliver to your residence or venue. Another job you needn't worry about all for a service charge of just 15%.
*This service does not involve preparation of any food and discussed to fit in around other planning services I am providing for you.