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Lixuan Jin

event planner, wedding planner

Lixuan Jin

Halifax, NS

Personal Event Planning

Welcome to my days event, We invite you to take a look of our service page and think about marketing yourself and become a professional in your industry or your hobbies.

Lixuan is a professional event planner that focus on highly customized event where it can best reach potential audience and bring the most feedback to improve.

My aim is to let the people who is related to you know about the event and become part of the event to make your day special.


services include: personal exhibition planning, personal concert planning, workshop or lecture planning.

The planning service include proposal, well-writen detailed plan and budget, pre-promotion and after post-event feedback and survey. 10 hours consulting minimum to best meet your expectations and 10 hours field research to find out your most customize product and promotional material.