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Jennifer Glover

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Jennifer Glover

Oshawa, ON

Your Day, Your Way!

My name is Jennifer Glover and I am a local Event Coordinator in Durham Region, Ontario Canada. I am a very organized and outgoing individual, with great attention to detail. I am just beginning my journey in the Event Industry. However, I have never been so confident or excited about anything before! July of 2016, I was a co-MC for a close friends wedding, and that is where my journey began. I felt very at home during the planning process, and watching their special day unfold, was absolutely amazing and truly rewarding. I look forward to building relationships with clients and vendors, and am eager to see and take part in more beautiful events to come!

I am currently working outside the event industry while I take online courses through QC for Special Events and Wedding Planning. I have taken an Introduction to Business course through Durham College, which taught me a lot about the fundamentals of business. With my current employer, I am taking Human Rights courses as well. In the past five months, I have assisted in two weddings, and three events. So far, I am coordinating three weddings, one reception and a birthday party for 2017. With the hopes and goals of booking even more through my personal small business, Perfectly Planned Occasions! This is a new business venture for me and I couldn’t be happier and more excited about it. I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself through experience and education, and plan to continue that process throughout my development as an Event Coordinator and business owner!


Perfectly Planned Occasions is a Special Events Coordinating company, that provides knowledge, organizational skills, and extreme attention to detail. At Perfectly Planned Occasions, we provide our clients with an in depth initial consultation so they feel confident in choosing our small business. We will work with our clients from start to finish, and promise to be there every step of the way. Our objective is to make our clients a guest at their own event, and that is what we do! Very often, people get caught up in the planning and feel overwhelmed during the process. They often bog themselves down with too much to do the day of, they constantly feel the need to please and keep on top of everything at the event. Preparation is very important to any good event, and ensuring everything is ready to go, you as the host will be able to sit back and enjoy your time. We make and take phone calls, book vendors, track budgets and checklists, and keep you organized and on top of things along side us. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy the day you’ve worked so hard for!!
Since our small business is a new venture, our price point is quite low! We are extremely competitive in our rates, yet we still offer professionalism and expertise in the Planning Industry. Perfectly Planned Occasions has a lot of local connections that are very talented and professional as well. From photographers, florists and décor, to venues, caterers and entertainment, we will work with our vendors and clients to make sure everyone is happy and feels they were treated fairly.
Perfectly Planned Occasions wants to ensure that your day will be exactly as you see in your vision. We vow to make sure you feel totally at ease during the process of planning, and will handle any and every situation and obstacle that comes our way. We truly strive for success, professionalism, and loyalty with our vendors and clients. Building these relationships are extremely important to us! We want you to remember that this is your day, and want it be the way YOU envision it to be. With our attention to detail and organization, we will not only bring your vision to life, we will make you a guest at your own event!
So, Let’s let the planning begin!

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